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If you’re interested in studying Arabic Grammar or Maliki fiqh (and already know Arabic), this site is pretty much invaluable: 

He covers all of the Nahu and Sarf texts they use at al-Azhar, and a couple more. He also has pretty amazing Shurooh of a few classical Maliki fiqh texts.

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  03/06/13 at 10:52am

I’m back to translating a Maliki fiqh text. Anyone want to be a proof reader in English (no Arabic knowledge required; just need to know if it flows and sounds natural)?

  01/22/13 at 09:50am
Lol, Maliki threads.

Lol, Maliki threads.

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  05/25/12 at 08:15am

Imam Malik

Physical description of Imam Malik bin Anas (R):

‘Isa bin ‘Umar said: “I never saw anything white or red that was more beautiful than the face of Malik, or any clothes whiter than Malik’s.”

And a number of people relate that he was tall, firm, serious, blond, had a white beard and hair, had a large beard, was balding, and would not shave his moustache, as he considered this to be a form of mutilation.

It is said that he had blue eyes, and some of this was narrated by Ibn Sa’d from Mutarraf bin ‘Abdillah.

Muhammad bin ad-Dahhak al-Hizami said: “Malik’s clothes were clean and soft, and he would constantly wear different clothes.”

al-Walid bin Muslim said: “Malik would wear white clothes, and I saw he and al-Awza’i wearing black and green caps.”

Ashhab said: “When Malik would wear a turban, he would wrap part of it under his chin and would leave the ends of it hanging between his shoulders.”

Khalid bin Khidash said: “I saw Malik wearing a cap, and I saw him wearing woven clothes.”

Ashhab said: “If Malik would wear kohl for a necessity, he would remain in his house.”

Mus’ab said: “Malik would wear ‘Adani clothes, and he would wear perfume.”

Abu ‘Asim said: “I never saw a Muhaddith with a more handsome face than Malik’s.”

It is said: “He was so light colored that he was blond. He had wide eyes, a raised, pointed nose, and he would let his moustache grow long based on ‘Umar’s curling of his moustache.”

Ibn Wahb said: “I saw Malik dying his hair with henna once.”

Abu Mus’ab said: “Malik had the most handsome face of the people, the widest of eyes, the whitest skin, and was the greatest of them in height - all in the strongest body.”

al-Waqidi said: “He was well-formed, would not dye his hair, and would not enter the public baths.”

Bishr bin al-Harith said: “I entered upon Malik and saw him wearing a cap that was worth about 500 dirhams.”

Ashhab said: “When Malik would wear a turban, he would wrap part of it under his chin and would leave the ends of it behind his back, and he would scent himself with musk and other scents.”

SOO GAMID msA, and for all my fellow Malikis out there, Asalamu Alaikum! (and to all others as well, Muslim or not :)).

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Lol Word just auto corrected ‘jihaad’ to ‘jihad.’ Thanks for your anti-salafi transliteration skills Microsoft Word.

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