Allah Allah

  09/16/13 at 01:20pm

"I ask you, is there a single Islamic scholar of the present day, among all the PhD.’s and geniuses, who has done what Ibn Hajar ‘Asqalani or Imam Nawawi have, of the service rendered by these two noble Imams (May Allah enfold them in His mercy and bliss) to the pure Prophetic Sunnah?"

-Muhammad al-Alawi al-Maliki al-Makki 

  09/16/13 at 12:30pm

Love that which reminds you of the Divine.

Lose your self in the Divine beauty and the expressions thereof; you’re better off without your self anyway.

  09/16/13 at 12:01am
  09/15/13 at 10:51pm

Often, Muslims complain about being overloaded with the command to be good to one’s parents, yet they’re never taught how.

Seek their advice often, even if you don’t intend to use it. They’ll greatly appreciate it, and you’ll often be surprised at what you may learn.

To love anyone is to demand their attention and to spend time with them. Ask them about their childhood, about growing up, and lend them a listening ear. Your love for anyone deepens with how much you know them. 

  09/15/13 at 11:44am

The best da’wa is adab. We have lost all adab.

  09/14/13 at 09:40pm

"The depths of the heart have no limits."

  08/25/13 at 03:37pm

What the Prophet (God bless him and grant him peace) had initially was an inner reality. Gibril (peace be upon him) showed Muhammed (God bless him and grant him peace) how to manifest that reality outwardly through prayer, fasting, and other acts of worship.

Acts of worship are exactly that - manifestations of an inward inclination. Don’t forget this. Struggling with acts of worship is a sign that you should sit down, focus, remember Allah, and find your inner inclination. 

                      واذكروا الله كثيرا لعلكم تفلحون    
To succeed, constantly remind yourselves of God.

  08/24/13 at 03:48pm

Look towards things that remind you of God. The easiest of these to recognize are His Beauty (panoramic views, flowers, sunlight) and His Majesty (mountains, intelligent design,  order). Perhaps the most pleasing is a blend of the two: His Mercy.

…wadhkur Allaha katheeral la’alakum tuflihoon (al-Jumu’a)

  08/20/13 at 10:33am

العلم يأتي شيئا فشيئا

al-‘ilmu ya’ti shai’an fa shai’a

Knowledge comes gradually.

  08/13/13 at 12:25am