This desperately needs to be translated into English. May God be pleased with him.

  02/19/14 at 10:13am

What is the point of information that is not transformative?

  12/07/13 at 10:49pm

Realize when you are making excuses.

  12/06/13 at 01:36am

Scholars are the inheritors of the Prophets, so they are your links to God. Be weary of scholars who make God inaccessible to everyone but themselves; cutting the link to God is not the way of the Prophet, God bless him and grant him peace.

  12/06/13 at 01:34am

البصر لا يبصر البصيرة

حتى ولو ساعده قبيلة

فان القلب الذي يبصرها

فاغلق عنيك واعمل لبرها

  11/08/13 at 03:15am

The only I I wish to know
Is that which You’ve conveyed as so:

Laa ilaha illa ANA

  11/08/13 at 03:05am

They do not see because You wish it not so

Eyes searching outside their own homes

For what in our bosoms rests in its own

Awaiting cultivation, for light to be shown

  11/08/13 at 02:57am

Even the ugliest roots grow beautiful, bloom and flower

Mirroring Your Majestic Beauty, Divine Will, and Power

No matter how dead and shriveled our being

Revival is promised like a forthcoming spring

  11/08/13 at 02:33am

Whoever does not take his learning from the mouths of men is like he who learns courage without ever facing battle.

Muhammad b. Abdur Rahman al-Uthmani
  10/31/13 at 01:17am

"Honor yourself as a human as you would honor the Ka’ba which is bedecked in gold and silver embroidery by bedecking yourself with deeds of gold and silver. After all, according to Prophetic tradition, every one who submits themselves to God is more beloved than the Ka’ba to God."

-Sheikh Naeem Abdul Wali 

  10/30/13 at 11:11pm