In order to protect the Shariah from the danger of innovation and distortion, the great scholars of usul laid down rigorous conditions which must be fulfilled by anyone wishing to claim the right of ijtihad for himself.[43] These conditions include:

(a) mastery of the Arabic language, to minimise the possibility of misinterpreting Revelation on purely linguistic grounds;

(b) a profound knowledge of the Quran and Sunnah and the circumstances surrounding the revelation of each verse and hadith, together with a full knowledge of the Quranic and hadith commentaries, and a control of all the interpretative techniques discussed above;

(c) knowledge of the specialised disciplines of hadith, such as the assessment of narrators and of the matn [text];

(d) knowledge of the views of the Companions, Followers and the great imams, and of the positions and reasoning expounded in the textbooks of fiqh, combined with the knowledge of cases where a consensus (ijma) has been reached;

(e) knowledge of the science of juridical analogy (qiyas), its types and conditions;

(f) knowledge of ones own society and of public interest (maslahah);

(g) knowing the general objectives (maqasid) of the Shariah;

(h) a high degree of intelligence and personal piety, combined with the Islamic virtues of compassion, courtesy, and modesty.

  05/19/14 at 11:30pm

From love springs hope, so be with the source of love.

  05/15/14 at 11:25pm

Elated with the loftiness of pure, blissful love; exquisite happiness. Floating on a cloud of love that has nothing below nor above, other than love. Delighted in the fog that blocks everything else out: oh what focus of love! Existence alone is forgotten yet the attention to it is multiplied. Nothing is this beautiful. Nothing is this merciful. Nothing is this compassionate. Nothing is this real; nothing, but love; and gratitude. The experience of a lifetime; a lifetime’s culmination of experiences; distilled life::love. If not for love, then not to live; it is to not understand. Transcendent beyond logic; far departed from words, this lovely, rapturous, overwhelming delight! Love, and know death; then, after death will be love.

  05/09/14 at 12:49pm

Experience is the knowledge one cannot disprove. Sincerity is etiquette. Should one combine the two, he is not to be disheartened by anything other than himself. 

  05/04/14 at 08:05pm

rapturous exclamations

  05/04/14 at 07:44pm

Science is to religion as fiqh is to tasawwuf.

  04/28/14 at 02:29pm

This desperately needs to be translated into English. May God be pleased with him.

  02/19/14 at 10:13am

What is the point of information that is not transformative?

  12/07/13 at 10:49pm

Realize when you are making excuses.

  12/06/13 at 01:36am

Scholars are the inheritors of the Prophets, so they are your links to God. Be weary of scholars who make God inaccessible to everyone but themselves; cutting the link to God is not the way of the Prophet, God bless him and grant him peace.

  12/06/13 at 01:34am